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  2017 THE WEATHER STATION  The Weather Station mixing, guitar engineer, percussion, percussion engineer, vocal engineer
  2015 LANGUAGE ARTS  Able Island co-producing, mixing
  2015 LINDI ORTEGA  Faded Gloryville mixing
  2015 ROBYN CAGE  Burning Now co-producing, engineering, mixing
  2015 DAVID STOREY  Coming Home co-producing, engineering, mixing
  2015 SOUL NIDUS  There's Nowhere mixing
  2015 SCOTT HELMAN  Jockey Full of Bourbon from Sounds of the 80's compilation mixing
  2015 WHITEBROW  Mono Vodou co-producing, engineering, mixing
  2015 THE KEROUACS  Kerouacs LP mastering
  2015 LOCAS IN LOVE  Use Your Illusion 3 & 4 mixing
  2015 LILY FROST  Motherless Child EP co-producer, engineer, mixer
  2015 MEGHAN ROSE In Your Bones producer, engineer, mixer
  2015 VERNIER Things We Do For Love mixer
  2014 Rowdy Roddy Piper & the Queen Street Band. Feat Alan Snoddy Off the Top Rope mixer
  2014 ASH & BLOOM Let the Storm Come mixer
  SEP 3 2013 NEKO CASE  The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, the More I Love You co-producer, co-mixer
  2013 LANGUAGE ARTS  Wonderkind engineer, producer, mixer
  2013 LOMBOK  The Great South-East mixer, mastering
  2013 THE GRAPES OF WRATH  High Road engineer. co-producer, mixer
  2013 TWO HOURS TRAFFIC  Foolish Blood engineer. producer, mixer
  2013 JEREMY PANDA  SON AME FELIZ mixer, mastering
  2013 JUSTIN HINES  How We Fly mixer
  2012 THE GRAPES OF WRATH  Singles engineer. co-producer, mixer
  2012 LINDI ORTEGA  Cigarettes and Truckstops mixer
  2012 TYLER KEALEY  And Somehow I Fell Upon This Place engineer, producer, mixer
  2012 TIPPY AGOGO AND BILL BOURNE  The Amoeba Collective engineer, co-producer, co-mixer
  2011 KEVIN KANE  The Home Version recorded, mixed and mastered
  2011 ASHLEIGH SEMKIW  ASEMQ EP engineer, producer, mixer
  2011 SUZANNE DOYLE  Unwalled engineer, co-producer, mixer
  2011 DARLINGS OF CHELSEA  Panic is Worse Than Emergency engineer, producer, mixer
  2011 ALL ABOUT MAGGIE  Now Hear Me Out mixer
  2011 SETTLERS CREEK  Line in the Dirt mixer
  2011 CATHERINE MACLELLAN  Silhouette mixer
  2011 WHALE TOOTH  Search Party engineer, producer, mixer
  2011 LAURA JEAN A Fool Who'll mixer
  2011 MATTHEW ROBINSON Something That We Did mixer
  2011 LINDI ORTEGA Little Red Boots mixer
   2010  JIM BRYSON AND THE WEAKERTHANS Falcon Lake Incident  mixer
   2010  LEEROY STAGGER Little Victories  mixer, mastering
   2010  THE LONG HAUL The Long Haul  mixer
   2010  THE MOHAWK LODGE Crimes engineer, producer, mixer, composer, drummer
   2010  GREG KEELER Gunless Soundtrack engineer, mixer
   2010 BRUCE KAPHAN Hybrid engineer
   2010 TRADITIONALLY WOUND Rural Change engineer
   2009 BLUE RODEO The Things We Left Behind engineer, mixer
  2009  NEKO CASE Middle Cyclone engineer, producer, mixer
   2009 BARZIN Notes to an Absent Lover engineer, mixer
   2009 BY DIVINE RIGHT Mutant Message engineer
   2008 JILL BARBER Chances mixer
   2008 DAVID MYLES On The Line mixer
   2008 JUSTIN RUTLEDGE Man Descending mixer
   2006 JIM BRYSON Where the Bungalows Roam mixer
   2006 THE MOHAWK LODGE Wildfires engineer, producer, mixer, composer, drummer
   2006 JIM CUDDY The Light That Guides You Home mixer
   2006 JUSTIN RUTLEDGE The Devil on a Bench in Stanley Park mixer
   2006 NEKO CASE Fox Confessor Brings the Flood engineer, producer, mixer
  2006 BOB EGAN  The Glorious Decline mixer
   2006 THE SADIES Tales of the Rat Fink engineer, mixer
   2006 TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYSTEM Foundation Rockers engineer
   2005 NEKO CASE The Tigers Have Spoken engineer, mixer
   2004 PROPELLER Argento engineer, performer
  2002 FAUST Friespeil engineer. mixer, producer
   2002 NEKO CASE Blacklisted engineer, producer, mixer
   2001 DEAD VOICES ON AIR Live drummer, live engineer, sampling, composer, producer
   2001 5440 Casual Viewing composer, performer, producer
   2001 DIRTMITTS Dirtmitts engineer, mixer, producer
   2000 NEKO CASE Furnace Room Lullabye engineer, mixer, producer, guitar
   2000 THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS Mass Romantic engineer
   2000 TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYSTEM Dub Voyage engineer
   1998 I AM SPOONBENDER Sender / Receiver engineer
   1998 DEAD VOICES ON AIR Piss Frond producer, performer, composer, engineer, mixer
  1997 NEKO CASE The Virginian producer, engineer, performer
  1997 HAZEL MOTES 20th Century Monologue engineer, producer, mixer
   1996 KEVIN KANE Neighbourhood Watch engineer, mixer
   1996 TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYSTEM In Dub Vol 1 engineer
  1996 CUB Box of Hair engineer, producer, mixer
  1996 BUGHOUSE 5 Bull Mercury engineer, producer, mixer
  1996 DUOTANG Smash the Ships and Raise the Beams engineer, producer, mixer
   1996 HERALD NIX Open Up The Sky engineer, producer, mixer
   1996 SUPERCONDUCTOR Bastardsong engineer, producer, mixer
   1995 ZUMPANO Look What the Rookie Did engineer, mixer
   1991 5440 Sweeter Things composer, performer, producer
   1988 SARAH MCLACHLAN Touch engineer, producer, composer
   1987 BOB'S YER UNCLE Cages engineer, mixer, producer, moog
   1987 5440 Show Me composer
   1986 5440 5440 composer, performer, producer
   1984 5440 Set the Fire composer, performer, producer